22 August 2013

Bio-Oil Spree #1 (Highly raved! Helps for scars, stretch marks, blemish, ageing skin, daily skincare!)


I'm doing a spree for the highly raved Bio-oil. 


60ml - $12.50 (Pharmacy selling at $15.50)
125ml - $24.00 (not available in sg)
200ml - $35.00 (not available in sg)

Spree will close once accumulated about 25 bottles 


Item takes approximately 3 weeks to arrive from the date spree closes. Pls order only if you can wait.

Collection Methods 
- Meet up at AMK/Changi Airport/Bukit Batok 
- Normal Postage / Registered Postage (Rate TBA depending on the weight) / Smartpac 

Payment Methods 
- POSB Savings 157-03577-0 
- UOB Savings 128-192-133-4 

Order Format 

Personal Details 
Email Address: 

Item Details 

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What Is Bio Oil?

Bio oil
 is a specialist skincare treatment for the face and body. Its breakthrough formulation helps reduce the appearance of scars, stretch marks and blemished skin.
Its Unique ingredients also help provide intensive moisture replenishment to ageing and dehydrated skin.
Bio Oil contains natural herbal ingredients, no preservatives and is suitable for use by all ages

What Is Bio Oil Used For?

Scars : Helps to reduce the appearance of scars by improving the conditions skin with scar tissue, (equally effective on all types of scars both old and new). Do not use on broken skin.

Stretch Marks : Helps prevent stretch marks during periods of rapid change in body size such as pregnancy, adolescence and weight loss. Helps reduce the appearance of existing stretch marks.

Blemishes : Helps reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone.

Ageing skin : Helps reduce the appearance of uneven skin tone.

Daily Skincare : - Specialist moisturizer for face and body. Helps replenish the skins natural oils stripped away by extremes of weather, frequent hand washed, bathing and showering and the drying effects of central heating or air conditioning.
- Ideal hand and cuticle lotion.
- Nourishing after-sun treatment.
- Nourishing after-sun treatment.
- Ideal as a bathing oil.

The Purcellin Oil Discovery

Throughout History, oils have always been one of the most effective agents for the treatment and care of the skin. However, due to there thick consistency, oils were generally unable to provide optimal skin penetration. For years scientists searched for the solution to this problem.
In the 1950s, numerous research projects were commissioned in an attempt to develop an oil with similar properties to the human skin's natural oil. In the end it was the study of ducks preening habits that provided the clue!
When preening occurs, preen gland oil is discharged from the duck's preen gland (situated at the lower end of the bird's back) and distributed over the entire plumage with its beak. This is the familiar twisted neck action one associates with ducks. This creates a thin, water repellent layer, without which a duck's feathers would be dull, unruly and dirty, water would not pearl off and the bird would not be able to swim. In essence, this oil provides the duck and extremely this, non fatty, non sticky film which adds sheen and suppleness to its feathers: clearly an oil with very interesting properties.

Studies of the composition of preen gland oil provided the opportunity to attempt to develop a nature-identical copy of this unique oil. After a number of years of extensive research and testing by European scientists the breakthrough was finally made and Purcellin Oil was introduced as a nature-identical re-creation of preen gland oil.

Dermatological Tested

In October 1993 the institute of experimental dermatology in Germany undertook a study to ascertain whether PurCellin Oil could cause skin irritation. 31 woman and 19 men were tested, of which 16 had allergy prone or sensitive skin. Undiluted PureCellin Oil was placed on subject's skin for a time span of 48-72 hours. None of the subjects recorded any form of skin irritation.

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