29 June 2013

WowPrettyNails Spree #71 - Arrived

Hi ladies,

Thanks for your patience.

Spree #71 has just arrived.

Although there are no out of stock colors this time round, I received 4 broken bottles instead! Sigh... This is my first time experiencing so many broken bottles in a package.

I've already emailed to those who were affected. So sorry!

Due to this, some of the bottles around it got stained as well and i've tried my best to clean up. Do pardon me if there are some stains which i might have missed out or unable to clean completely. I've spent almost 3 hours to clear up the mess which is super tiring.

For those who've opted for postage, items will be mailed out on Monday.

For those who've opted for meet up,

i've emailed the schedule to you. pls check and revert

Thanks =)

1 comment:

  1. wanna get nail polishes. any spree open?


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