20 March 2013

WowPrettyNails Spree #70 - OPEN

Hi everyone,

WowPrettyNails Spree #70 is now OPEN! Thank you everyone for your OVERWHELMING support. All my sprees have been doing well and response is great! If this is your first time ordering from me, dont worry, i'm reliable and a responsible organiser. I've ordered more than 10700 bottles of nail polish for my past 69 sprees and it's still counting~

For those who've joined me before, welcome back! hehe... *pardon me for repeating the same verse if you've read this over and over again but there's always someone who's reading it for the first time.
For spree #70 I will be ordering from

** Pls note that Orchard meet up collection is no longer available. It will be changed to Changi Airport. 

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Please choose your OPI colors from as you will not see it on 8ty8beauty as they do not sell OPI.

Disclaimer: WowPrettyNails reserves the right to order the items from other sources not limited to the site mentioned at my discretion. All items sold are 100% authentic.

Try out OPI latest collection:

OPI Matte Top Coat $11 each

OPI OZ The Great and Powerful Collection $11 each

view swatch here:

 Oz The Great and Powerful Mini 4 Pack - $20
4 Mini 3.75 mL (1/8 Fl. Oz.) of each:

- Don’t Burst My Bubble 
- Glints of Glinda 
- I Theodora You 
- What Wizardry is This?

OPI Euro Centrale Collection $11 each

 Euro Centrale Mini 4 Pack - $20
4 Mini 3.75 mL (1/8 Fl. Oz.) of each:

1 - Suzi’s Hungary AGAIN!
1 - You’re Such a BudaPest
1 - Can’t Find My Czeckbook
1 - OY - Another Polish Joke!
View Swatch here:

OPI Mariah Carey Collection $11 each

Mariah Carey Mini 4 Pack - $20
4 Mini 3.75 mL (1/8 Fl. Oz.) of each
- Get Your Number
- Can't Let Go
- The Impossible
- Stay the Night

View swatch here:

OPI SkyFall Collection $11 each *HOT* (18K top coat not available)

SkyFall Bond-ettes Mini 4/pack $20
Comes in 4 Mini Nail Lacquers 1/8 Fl. Oz.
- Golden Eye  .125oz
- The Spy Who Loved Me .125oz
- Live and Let Die  .125oz
- The World is Not Enough .125oz

Skyfall get Bond-ed with OPI $33
Contains: 3 Nail Lacquer
0.5 Oz. of  each
1 - GoldenEye 
1 - The Spy Who Loved Me 
1 - Skyfall

View swatch here:

OPI SkyFall Magnetics $16 each

view swatch here

OPI Germany Collection $11 each


Comes in 4 Mini Nail Lacquers 1/8 Fl. Oz.

- Don't Pretzel My Buttons
- Nein! Nein! Nein! Ok Fine!
- Suzi & the 7 Duseldorfs
- Unfor-greta-bly Blue

View swatch:

OPI Minnie Mouse Summer Collection $11 each

OPI Minnie Mouse Mini - $20

Comes in 4 Mini Nail Lacquers 1/8 Fl. Oz.
- The Color Of Minnie
- If You Moust You Moust
- I'm All Ears
- Rapid Dry Top Clear Coat

 View swatch:

OPI Pure Lacquer Nail Apps $12.50/pack (add $5.00 for 1oz Expert touch remover)

- Long Lasting
- 100% Pure nail lacquer
- Applies in minutes
- Dries instantly
- Remove with Expert Touch lacquer remover

View swatch here:

OPI The Amazing Spider-Man Collection $11 each (except shatter $12.50)

OPI Spider-Man Mini $20
Comes in 4 Mini Nail Lacquers 1/8 Fl. Oz.

- Your Web or Mine?

- Into the Night

- Number One Nemesis

- Just Spotted the Lizard

view swtach here:

OPI GelColor - $32 each

OPI Shatter Collection $12.50 each (9 colors)

New colors: Pink shatter & Gold Shatter


left to right:
Navy, Turquoise, blue, red, white, black ,silver

Color Club - Winter Affair  collection  $8.50 each

view swatch here:

Color Club Halo Hues Collection - $16.00 each

view swatch here:
Color Club Magnetic Force Collection - $13.00 each

view swatch here:

Color Club - Take Wing  collection  $8.50 each

view swatch here: 

China Glaze Avant Garden Collection $8.50 each

view swatch here:

China Glaze Glitz Collection $10.00 each

view swatch here:

China Glaze Tranzitions Collection $10.00 each

view swatch here:

China Glaze Cirque Du Soeil Worlds Away Collection $9.50 each

China Glaze Holiday Joy Collection $8.50 each

China Glaze Wicked collection $8.50 each

view swatch here:

China Glaze - Bohemian Collection  $9.50 each

China Glaze - Safari Collection  $8.50 each

View swatch:

China Glaze - Prismatic Collection  $9.50 each

view swatch here:

China Glaze - The Hunger Game Collection  $8.50 each *HOT*

view swatch here:

China Glaze - Magnetix Collection  $11.00 each

View more swatch here:

China Glaze - Eye candy 3-D Glitters  $9.50 each

view swatch here:

Essie Winter Collection 2012 -  $11.00

view swatch here:

Essie Fall Collection 2012 -  $11.00

Essie Mirror Metallics Collection 2012  - $11.00

View swatch:

Essie Summer Collection 2012 -  $11.00

View swatch:
Pls email yoorders and enquiries to

Pls read the terms & conditions carefully.

 will close when i've hit minimum 50 PAID orders!! 

OPI Nail colors - SGD$11/bottle NETT

OPI Suede/Matte S$11.50/bottle NETT
OPI Shatter - $12.50/NETT
OPI Designer Series - SGD$16/bottle NETT
OPI Nail treatments – SGD$11/bottle NETT
OPI GelColor - SGD$32/bottle NETT
  • Top coat High-gloss protection
  • Natural base coat
  • Natural Nail strengthener
  • Ridge Filler
  • Arcylic base coat
OPI Start-to-Finish, Original/Formaldehyde Free Formula - $16/bottle NETT 

OPI Nail Envy Series SGD$18/bottle NETT

  • Matte Nail Envy
  • Original Nail Envy
  • Dry & Brittle Nail Envy
  • Sensitive & Peeling Nail Envy
  • Soft & Thin Nail Envy
  • Nail envy original mini 0.125oz - $5

    * OPI Chip skip mini 0.125oz - $5
    * OPI Rapidry top coat mini 0.125oz - $5
    * OPI Avojuice Mango hand & body creme 50ml - $10
    * OPI Avojuice Coconut melon hand & body creme 50ml - $10
OPI Drip Dry 0.3oz - SGD$14.00/bottle NETT
OPI Expert Touch Lint Free Nail wipes 200 wipes - SGD$8.50 NETT
OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil - SGD$16.50
OPI Nail Lacquer Thinner 2.0 oz - SGD$15.00/bottle NETT

OPI Avoplex Cuticle Oil on the go - SGD$13.00 (highly raved and award winning product)
OPI Avoplex High Intensity Hand & Nail Cream 4oz 120ml - SGD$25.00


  • Soak $22 (125ml)
  • Mask $24 (125ml)
  • Smooth $6 (30ml)

China Glaze Nail Polish - SGD$8.50/bottle NETT (priced at USD$3.00 on website)

China Glaze Nail Polish - SGD$9.00/bottle NETT (priced at USD$3.58 on website)

ORLY nail polish - SGD$11.00/bottle NETT

Essie nail polish - SGD$11.00/bottle NETT (Please go to to choose the colors)

Essie Matte About You SGD$14.00/bottle NETT **Transform to Matte finish**

Color Club nail polish – SGD$8.50/bottle NETT

Art Club Nail Art Color - SGD$7.00/bottle (Priced at USD$1.98 on website)

Creative Nail polish – SGD$8.50/bottle NETT

Seche Vite dry fast Top Coat 0.5oz- $11.00/bottle NETT ~~POPULAR~~

Seche Vite dry fast Top Coat 0.125oz- $3.50/bottle NETT ~~New travel size~~

Seche restore thinner 0.5oz $10.50/bottle NETT

Poshe Fast Drying Basecoat 0.5oz $9.80/bottle NETT
Poshe Treatment Basecoat 0.5oz $16.50/bottle NETT
Poshe Anti-microbial Basecoat 0.5oz $15.00/bottle NETT
Poshe Super-Fast Drying Topcoat 0.5oz $11.00/bottle NETT

Blue Cross Cuticle Remove 6oz - $16.00/bottle NETT ~~POPULAR~~

**price includes shipping fee from US to Singapore EXCLUDE local postage fee**
If you would like to order other items from the website but not listed above, pls feel free to contact me to arrange.

Terms & Conditions
I will only take in orders of those who pay up first before the spree closes as shown on my IB statement. No payment no order.
1. Refunds will be done if items are out of stock or you can opt for credit for next spree
2. Nail polish will be bubbled wrapped and taped for extra security
3. feel free to email me directly at for any enquiries/questions

Internet Banking account: 
POSB SAVINGS 157-03577-0
UOB Savings 128-192-133-4
Internet banking or ATM transfers only. (no inter-bank transfer) Must be from the same bank.
Transfer via: ATM /IB(nick)

Method of collection: 

Strictly postage (normal/registered) from my house to yours for 4 items and below
*Meet up minimum 5 bottles at Ang mo kio/Changi Airport/bukit batok (wkend for BB)
Normal postage rate (bubble wrapped + Styrofoam) for nail polish:
a. 1 bottle: $1.50
b. 2-3 bottles: $2.50
c. 4-7 bottles: $3.50
d. 8 bottles onwards: $4.00 (8th bottle) + $0.50 per extra bottle.
For registered, please top up extra $2.24 **Highly Recommended**
(I will not be responsible if items are damage after i've post out due to poor handling by the postman. I will ensure that all items are in good condition before sending out. I will also not be responsible if the mail went missing for normal postage )

Please post in this format *not responsible for any wrong order due to wrong format

Name of product:
Total Price:
Mode of Collection: Post/Meetup
contact number:
Mailing Address:

Pls email your orders and enquiries to
Thank you for your support!

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