16 December 2012

WowPrettyNails Spree #67 - Arrived!

Hi ladies,

Many thanks for your patience.

Spree #67 has just arrived today!

For those who've opted for postage, item will be mailed out tomorrow

Here's my schedule for meet up:

17Dec Mon 

9.30am-6pm Orchard ION 
7.45pm-9pm blk 303 amk ave 1 

18Dec Tue 

9am-5.15pm Orchard ION 
6pm AMK Hub 
7pm-9pm Blk 303 amk ave 1 

19Dec Wed 

1.30pm AMK Hub 
4pm-9pm Blk 303 amk ave 1 

20dec Thu 

1.30pm AMK Hub 
3.30pm-9pm Blk 303 amk ave 1 

21dec Fri 

9.45am-5.45pm Orchard ION 
7.30pm-9pm Blk 303 amk ave 1 

22dec Sat 

9.30am-5.45pm Orchard ION 
10pm Blk 226 Bukit Batok Central 

23Dec Sun 

10.30am-4.45pm Orchard ION 
9pm Blk 303 amk ave 1 

*the above schedule is subject to changes. Pls do give me advance notice of your preferred timings as i need to make prior arrangements. 

Thank you =)


  1. hi, i would like to purchase opi s60; i lily love you. how i can get it?

  2. hi, pls email me to order. i have instock. thanks :)


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