29 March 2012

Buyers beware of fake OPI Cuticle Revitalizer Oil (in many blends)

Hi Ladies,

Just thought of sharing this information with you and create awareness. 

Recently, I have come across one of those coupon deal site that is selling OPI Cuticle Revitalizer Oil which is something new to me and i have not seen this product before. So I was like.. "OPI just launch a new product? How come I never see this on my supplier site" Then I did not search further and hope to see my supplier selling this product soon. 

Coincidentally 2 days later, one of the spree-er emailed me and asked if my supplier carries this item? I believe that both of us saw the same ad which i just can't remember where i saw it (i subscribed to quite a number of those coupon deal I become curious and google high and low for this product and don't seem to find many information about it. What caught my attention is, how come OPI official website don't have the information as well. 

I have decide to ask OPI directly. The most effective way is to ask on their Facebook wall. Guess what? OPI replied me within 24 hours and CONFIRMED THAT THIS IS FAKE!!!

Don't be blinded by the price and get the fake product. The authentic OPI cuticle Oil-to-go is the real deal.

You can get this award winning product at only $13 from my spree price. 100% authentic from USA =)

*PS: I will not expose the website that is selling the fake product. You can always google it as they are still selling it at this very moment. You have been warned.

Thanks for reading =)



  1. I bought in my contry (Portugal) a fake one for 1,5 euro...OPI is way too expensive here...the oil is not too bad. Of course I bet the original is wonderful but I have no money...its very difficult with economic crisis

  2. I bought ten of these for $9AUD with $3AUD postage and I think their pretty!

  3. i use the fake opi, without the fake name on it, and its a wonderful product. very rich in vitamines and it keeps the cuticle in excellent condition with 2 weekly uses

  4. bought the set... smells lovely, super easy to use... but doesn't really work at all lol. made mostly of grapeseed oil and a lot of useless vitamins (since the skin doesn't absorb most of them), and no avocado to be seen (which is sorta what opi is all about). couldnt put enough oil on no matter how hard i tried to make my cuticles feel soft and silky, like with any other opi cuticle oil or hand cream

  5. Thank you for this article. Also, I was looking for, whether it is original or fake. :)


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