15 January 2012

OPI CNY Clearance SALE!

Hi Ladies,

WowPrettyNails is having it's CLEARANCE SALE! 

This includes limited edition colors and discontinued colors. Some of the colors are from quite recent collections such as Pirates of the Caribbean, Miss Universe...etc

All items listed are 2 for $20 unless otherwise stated. 
Receive a FREE Seche Vite dry fast top coat 0.125ml for every $50 purchased!

Promotion code: CNY-WPN (you need to provide this code)
Promotion date: Now till 22Jan or whilst stock last

OPI K10 - Last Friday Night (Katy Perry Collection)


OPI P13 - Skull & Glossbones (Pirates of the Caribbean collection)


OPI P14 - Steady as she rose (Pirates of the Caribbean collection)


OPI P15 - Sparrow me the drama (Pirates of the Caribbean collection) *discontinued - last 2 bottles*


OPI P16 - Planks a lot (Pirates of the Caribbean collection) *discontinued - last 6 bottles*


OPI P17 - Stranger tides (Pirates of the Caribbean collection) 


OPI S10 - Play the Peonies (Nice Stems collection)


OPI S20 - Comes to Poppy  (Nice Stems collection)


OPI S40 - Be a Dahlia won't you? (Nice Stems collection) *discontinued*


OPI S60 - I Lily Love You (Nice Stems collection) *discontinued*


OPI U01 - Miss Congeniality is my middle name ( Miss Universe Collection )

OPI U03 - It's my year ( Miss Universe Collection ) *Discontinued*


OPI U04 - Swimsuit ... Nailed it! ( Miss Universe Collection )


OPI Serena William Glam Slam Duo Set (5 sets)

1. Grape...Set...Match + Servin' up sparkle Duo Set $20.00 *last 2sets*

view swatch here:

2. Your Royal Shyness + Servin' Up Sparkle Duo set $20.00

3. Rally Pretty Pink + Red Shatter Duo Set $20.00

view swatch here:

4. Spark de Triomphe + White Shatter Duo Set $20.00

view swatch here:

5. Simply Smashing + Black Shatter Duo Set $20.00 *Discontinued - last 2 sets*

OPI Shatter:
2 for $20.00 

7 Colors: Black, White, Blue, Red, Navy, Turquoise, Silver


left to right:
Navy, Turquoise, blue, red, white, black ,silver

Wanna take a look at other instock colors as well? (Non Promotional)

Internet Banking account: 
POSB SAVINGS 157-03577-0
UOB Savings 128-192-133-4
Internet banking or ATM transfers only. (no inter-bank transfer) Must be from the same bank.
Transfer via: ATM /IB(nick)

Method of collection: 

Strictly postage (normal/registered) from my house to yours for 4 items and below
*Meet up minimum 5 bottles at Ang mo kio/Orchard/bukit batok (wkend for BB)
Normal postage rate (bubble wrapped + Styrofoam) for nail polish:
a. 1 bottle: $1.50
b. 2-3 bottles: $2.50
c. 4-7 bottles: $3.50
d. 8 bottles onwards: $4.00 (8th bottle) + $0.50 per extra bottle.
For registered, please top up extra $2.24 **Highly Recommended**
(I will not be responsible if items are damage after i've post out due to poor handling by the postman. I will ensure that all items are in good condition before sending out. I will also not be responsible if the mail went missing for normal postage )

Thank you 


  1. 1. Grape...Set...Match + Servin' up sparkle Duo Set $20.00 *last 2sets*
    Still available? Pls email if available at Thanks.

  2. Heya,

    Do you have planks a lot and steady as she rose?

    Pls email me at thanks!


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