28 November 2011

Nail polish review: Color changing nail polish - Blaze

Hi ladies,

here is a quick review of Blaze nail polish. 

What's so special about Blaze?

Blaze™ nail lacquers are one fabulous color indoors, and immediately when exposed to the sunlight/ UV rays another color appears. The new Brights color collection features a spectrum of vibrant hues, spanning from hot pink to evergreen. These two-in-one shades pair brighter colors with deep, rich complements. Whether it is light pink to purple, a more daring blue to green, or even a simple clear to red, Blaze™ Nail Lacquer is the only polish that rises with the sun. Enjoy Blaze™ on sunny hawaiian beaches to the ski slopes in Aspen. Blaze™ works in all seasons: Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall.

I have just tried the color Pearl to Blackberry. As you can see in the picture, it's like slight golden pearl color when you are indoor. When i'm at outdoor, the color changes drastically to purplish pearl/metallic color! It is quite amazing to see a 360 degree change in color and color changes in a few seconds. This is something new and fun. The only setback is, you must be under sunlight/UV rays for the color to change. Once you are indoor, it will revert back to the original color.

To view the collection:

Blaze is available for order at the following rates:

- Glitz on Madison Collection $14.00
- Brights Collection $14.00
- Colour Collection $12.00

Email me to order at :

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