20 April 2011

8ty8beauty Spree #49 - Updates

Hi ladies,

i have sent a chaser email to 8ty8beauty to ship my item asap yesterday but here's the reply:

Dear Estella,


There is some new regulations for shipping polishes overseas and we are waiting for the new labels.

It is coming tomorrow and we will ship you asap.



Hopefully they can shipped out my item today. However, it will not arrive this week (it's already wednesday today). Will be expecting the item to arrive early next week.

Keep update again when they have shipped the item.

For those who've pre-ordered Black shatter from spree #48, your item has just arrived today. This is a separate order and is only for OPI Katy Perry collection order. If you've recently order OPI katy perry colors and Serena William Glam Slam, your order has arrived. Do note that if you also have existing orders from spree #49 (which has not arrived), item will only be posted/notification of collection AFTER the complete order has arrived.

I will email to those who has their completed order first on the meet up schedule. If your complete order has arrived and opt by postage, it will be posted tomorrow.

Thanks! =)

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