20 March 2011

8ty8beauty Spree #48 - Arriving soon!

Hi ladies,

Many thanks for your patience.

8ty8beauty Spree #48 is on it's way to Singapore and arriving soon!
As usual, there are some items out of stock. I will be emailing to those who are affected shortly.
For those who've ordered OPI Katy Perry colors (except black shatter), good news! i've managed to grab the stocks from another supplier. However, do note that they have not ship my order yet. So i'll be expecting the stocks to arrive somewhere end of next week and dispatch altogether.
Unfortunately, i still don't have stocks for black shatter. I was offered by 8ty8beauty to purchase some Serena Wiliam Galm Slam Duo set which consist of 1 black shatter and 1 simply simashing color. If you've been following my spree, you should have know that 8ty8beauty till date stilll didnt manage to get any Katy Perry colors at all. So i thought this was quite a pretty good offer except the catch that i've to buy in a set rather than individually.
I've recently sent an email to those who've ordered Black Shatter in spree #48 that you've this option to get your black shatter faster by topping up to get the Duo set. This is optional and you have the priority first before i put it up for sale to the rest of the spree-ers. Please note that i do have limited sets available. Some have taken the offer while some prefer to wait. I also didn't receive any reply from some. If you are reading this and have placed orders from spree #48, this offer is still open for you. Do note that you will have to match the number of black shatters ordered. (eg: 3 black shatter = 3 sets). For those who choosed to wait, it's ok as well. I will continue to source for it just that i am not sure how long it's going to take to restock.
I will update again when item arrives.
Thanks! =)

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