22 March 2011

8ty8beauty Spree #48 - Arrives (w/o Katy Perry)

Hi ladies,

Pleased to inform you that 8ty8beauty Spree #48 has just arrived! (except OPI Katy Perry colors which will be on the upcoming shipment arriving end of this week)

Those who doesn't have any colors that's under the 2nd shipment will be posted tomorrow.

Here's my schedule for meet up:

23Mar Wed (to advise by 7am)

8.45am-10am / 2pm-4.45pm Orchard ION
5.30pm AMK Hub
6.30pm-8.30pm Blk 303 AMK Ave 1

24Mar Thu

8.45am-10am / 2pm-5.15pm Orchard ION
6pm AMK Hub
7.00pm-8.30pm Blk 303 AMK Ave 1

25Mar Fri

8.45am-10am / 12pm-1pm Orchard ION
1.30pm - 2pm AMK Hub
4.00pm-9.00pm Blk 303 AMK Ave 1

26Mar Sat (advise by 10pm fri)

Blk 226 Bukit Batok Central 9pm-11pm

27Mar Sun (advise by 10pm fri)

9.45am-1pm / 2pm-4.45pm Orchard ION
8.30pm-9.00pm Blk 303 AMK Ave 1

*pls note that my timing are subject to changes. Kindly give me advance notice as i don't carry your items 24x7 with me and i need to make prior arrangements.

i'll email the schedule shortly for those eligible.

Thanks =)

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