27 February 2011

OPI Katy Perry & Serene Glams Collection - On the way!! (For those who've preordered only)

Dear ladies,

Many thanks for your patience and understanding.

OPI Katy Perry & Serene Glam Collection
is finally on it's to Singapore!!

Please note that this special order did not come easy and i did not order from 8ty8beauty as until now they still don't have it yet. I have been closely monitoring the status and made many calls to US just to check as this is a huge backlog for me.

This order is only for those who've pre-ordered since spree #46 and have already paid and waited.

Since it was purchased from another supplier, they have capped on my orders. I wanted to order many more since the demand is so high but they reduced my orders. So it's kinda like "take it or leave it" for me. This particular order is only enough for those who've pre-ordered.

Items should be arriving somewhere end of next week. I will email to those who've pre-ordered shortly.

For those who wish to place orders for OPI Katy Perry collection, you can pre-order in spree #48 when it opens. Do note that it will be on a pre-order basis again and i can't guarantee it will arrive together in spree #48 batch.

Thanks! =)

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