02 February 2011

8ty8beauty Spree #47 - Closing on Sunday 6FEB11 @ 10pm!

Hi Ladies,

8ty8beauty Spree #47 is closing on
Sunday 06FEB11 @ 10pm!
As of today, OPI Katy Perry has not arrived yet and Tom has gone on leave and will be back on next monday. He says that OPI Katy Perry might arrive end of this week.
If anyone wishes to pre-order for OPI Texas collection, you may do so as well. However, same condition apply - If OPI Texas cant make it for Spree #47, will be placed in spree #48. Order only if you agree to wait.
As this is Chinese New Year period, email response may take slightly longer to reply (but will definitely reply you).
Thank you =)


  1. im really sorry, but just to confirm, katy perry orders are not accepted now right

  2. not accepted by who? i've already pre-ordered from 8ty8beauty and they will dispatch when item arrives.


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