09 February 2011

8ty8beauty spree #47 - CLOSED

Hi ladies,

8ty8beauty Spree #47 has already closed.

I've called 8ty8beauty to check on the status of OPI Katy Perry. Unfortunately, it hasn't arrive them till date. They are also unable to advise me when will it arrive. But they already have stocks for OPI Texas collection which is newer than Katy Perry! *Argh* Many many of us wants to get our hands on Katy Perry collection especially Black shatter. I'm trying my best to get them as soon as i can and check on other sources but it's so difficult. I'm having alot of backlogs now.

Sorry, those who've pre-ordered since spree #46 and for spree #47 , there's going to be a delay again. 8ty8beauty told me that he will call or email me asap once stock arrives.

I will be splitting into 2 batches again. First batch will be all the orders without Katy Perry. 2nd batch will be all the Katy Perry colors.

For those who've ordered Katy Perry colors, i would like to hear from you.

- Are you willing to wait? (actually it's clearly stated that it's a pre-order and to order only if u agree to wait)
- How long can you wait?

pls email me your answers. it will help me to make better decisions.

Hope you can understand that it's not within my control on the stock availability.



  1. Yup, I can wait. It's not a problem. Maybe if the stock never ever arrives, we can order the China Glaze crackles instead :)

  2. yeah joyce, i think so too!! in fact i think China glaze crackle might be better than black shatter since there's more colors. will see how it goes =)



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