24 January 2011

8ty8beauty Spree #46 updates (batch 2)

Hi ladies,

i have just received an email from 8ty8beauty last night that OPI Katy Perry won't arrive in time. So for those who has got OPI Katy Perry collection color in your order, it will be placed in spree #47 (only K.P colors). I will pass part of your order to you when it arrives first (non K.P colors).

Since this collection will not arrive in spree #46, i have lots of slots available. I will be taking additional orders from now till 8pm tonight before i advise them which additional items i wish to add before they mail it out tonight.

This is a very good chance for those who've missed the spree and wants to get it before CNY. This order will arrive end of this week. I may organise a mass meet up either on sunday or monday.

Pls advise your order and payment by 8pm tonight (Monday)
No payment = No order

Pls DO NOT order OPI Katy Perry for this special spree. If you want to order K.P, wait for spree #47 when it opens.


posb savings 157-03577-0
Uob savings 128-192-133-4

*** PS: sorry i don't have time to email to those who have subcribed to the mailing list for this last min add-on.


1 comment:

  1. Oh no, i only just saw this :(
    Guess I gotta wait for 47


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