23 January 2011

8ty8beauty Spree #46 - Update

Hi ladies,

8ty8beauty Spree #46 updates:

1. I've actually split into 2 orders (due to the large volume of orders received). The first package has just arrived. However, it's a little complicated. The first batch belongs to those who've ordered earlier first. BUT this does not include OPI Katy Perry collection. All the Katy Perry collection are in batch 2 which is on hold till tomorrow before i decide whether to go ahead with the rest or not. Item will be shipped by UPS so that's why i can wait abit longer.

2. For those whose order are in batch 1 but has got OPI Katy Perry colors will be on hold till i get the confirmation whether if it's in batch 2. Hopefully it's in batch 2 so i can pass the complete order to you.

3. I will contact those whose order has arrived completely under batch 1. Pls don't be worried if i don't email you. Your orders are in batch 2. If you have OPI Katy Perry, your whole order is considered as batch 2.


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