17 January 2011

8ty8beauty Spree #46 & Korea Accessories Spree #2 is now CLOSED

Hi ladies,

8ty8beauty Spree #46 and
Korea Accessories Spree #2 is now CLOSED.

I have already placed orders for both sprees.

So far still no news for OPI Katy Perry collection as of now. It should be arriving the supplier side this week but don't know when~! *Fingers crossed* Really hope can arrive one of these days so they can mail it to us ( it seems like the week is sooo longgg... and it's only monday )

8ty8beauty has got no idea when it's gonna arrive and don't know how many stocks they are getting. This time round the demand for Katy Perry collection is so high especially for Black Shatter!

Anyway for those who've not transfer the payment, your order has been canceled. If you've missed this spree, pls join my mailing list to be notified when the next spree opens. I might open the next spree soon since there are quite a few request already.

I will update again


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