13 January 2011

8ty8beauty Spree #46 & Korea Accessories Spree #2 - CLOSING SOON!

Hi ladies,

Korea Accessories Spree #2 is closing on 14 Jan Friday @ 3pm

8ty8beauty Spree #46 is closing on 16 Jan Sunday @ 9pm

China Glaze Anchor Away Collection is now available at 8ty8beauty!

Be on of the first to wear this latest China Glaze collection.

As for OPI Katy Perry collection, it's still not available yet. (but very soon!) I know all of you are eager to grab this collection ( SO DO I!!) Hopefully by the time we order, the stock will arrive in time.

Those who've not transfer the payment, pls do so before spree closes or your order will be canceled.

Thanks =)

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