29 November 2010

8ty8beauty Spree #44 - Arrived!

Hi ladies,

pleased to inform you that 8ty8beauty Spree #44 has just arrived!

For those who've opted for postage, your items will be posted tomorrow.

For those who've opted for meet up, here's my schedule below:

**I will be away from 05dec-12dec ***

30Nov Tues
9.15am-6pm Orchard ION
6.50pm AMK Hub
7.30pm-9.30pm Blk 303 AMK Ave 1

01Dec Wed
9.00am - 6pm Orchard ION
6.05pm - 6.15pm Orchard MRT
6.40pm-6.50pm AMK Hub
7.30pm-9.30pm Blk 303 AMK Ave 1

02Dec Thu
2.30pm-9.30pm Blk 303 AMK Ave 1

03Dec Fri
9.45am-6pm Orchard ION
6.20-6.30pm Orchard MRT
7.30pm-7.45pm Bukit Batok MRT
9pm-10pm Blk 226 bukit batok central

04Dec Sat
9.45am-6pm Orchard ION
6.45pm - 7.30pm AMK Hub
8.15pm - 10pm Blk 303 AMK Ave 1

Appreciate if you can inform me in advance and not last minute as i don't carry your items 24x7 with me. I need to make prior arrangements and bring it out.

I've emailed the above schedules to you. Pls check and revert.

**For those who've joined both 8ty8beauty Spree #44 and Korea Accessories Spree #1, your item will be posted together when the accessories have arrive...same for those who've opted for meet up.

I will send you the email with my timings when everything arrives. You may use the above time schedules as a gauge first. The accessories should be arriving very soon.

Thank you

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