16 August 2010

Asia Fashion Wholesale Spree #5

Hi ladies,

Asia Fashion Wholesale Spree #5 is now OPEN!

Due to the overwhelming response, i'm opening the spree again. Their quality are not too bad based on the price you pay. The best thing is, there's alot of variety and choices! This will be a real quick spree. I'll be placing orders on Friday.

My advise is, read carefully on the measurements.

The prices are quite reasonable.

Spree will close on 20 Aug Friday @ 2pm

Exchange rate

US$1 : S$1.5 (Fixed)

20 Pieces

Shipping Fee
Overseas Shipping - US$12 / kg via DHL

Handling Fee
SGD$1.00 per item

Order Format
Item URL:
Item Name:
Product Code:
Price in USD:
Weight in grams:
Size: (if applicable)

Calculation of cost per item =
(Price in USD x 1.5) + (Weight in kg x US$12 x 1.5) +SGD$1.00 handling fee

Internet Banking account:
POSB SAVINGS 157-03577-0
UOB Savings 128-192-133-4

Internet banking or ATM transfers only. (no inter-bank transfer) Must be from the same bank.

Transfer via: ATM /IB(nick)

Method of collection:

Strictly postage (normal/registered) from my house to yours for 2 items and below

*Meet up minimum 3 items at Ang mo kio/Orchard/bukit batok (wkend for BB)

Postage rates will be advised upon receiving your items and weigh accordingly.

For registered, please top up extra $2.24 **Highly Recommended**

Please email your orders to



  1. How about local shipping? I am very much interested since I'd be opening an RTW shop here in Nevada. Thanks much!

  2. Good thing about buying clothing in wholesale is that you get the items a lot cheaper than buying in pieces,


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