05 August 2010

8ty8beauty Spree #40 - On the way to Singapore! Yippie~

Hi Ladies,

pleased to inform you that:
8ty8beauty Spree #40
is on it's way to Singapore!

I think they are getting slightly more efficient now than before. Or am i just lucky? Being online at the right time and responding to his emails shortly after he sent can be challenging. Especially with all the time differences. I do want to thank Tom, for being helpful for his assistance. (although i've been always complaining about them in the I don't have high expectations from them and accepted the way they are. If not my life will be shorter by a few years.. Anyway, that is between me and him. I will make the spree experience as smooth as possible for all of you =) hee

Okok.. enough of side tracking.. Back to the business! As usual, there are a few out of stocks. I will email to those who are affected. Please check your emails (esp junk/spam/bulk folders). If no email, means good news.

Items should be arriving early next week. I will update again when it arrives.

I've got some instocks for sale. Hope you can show your support!

For those who've missed the spree, pls join my mailing list to be notified when the next spree opens. (probably somewhere next week).

Thanks & Have a great weekend!

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