18 March 2010

8ty8beauty spree #35 - updates

Hi ladies,

i've emailed 8ty8beauty our orders few days ago. I have just received the email quotation minutes ago after giving them a call yesterday to hurry. Seems like they are very very busy. (as usual) They are forever busy! Good business huh. Anyway, lots of out of stock this time round. Guessed many of you want to get your hands on the Alice in Wonderland collection after watching the movie?

Tom informed me that the color Mad as a hatter has been DISCONTINUED!! Can you believe it?! This collection just launched about 1-2 months ago and now is already discontinued? This is gonna break many people's heart coz this color is really pretty. I love them colored on my toes. This color is really popular and highly raved.

I shall wait till i receive the final invoice then email to those who are affected for the OOS colors.

Will update again once item is posted out.


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