30 March 2010

8ty8beauty spree #35 - Arrived!

Hi ladies,

Many thanks for your patience. Our orders have just arrived. As mentioned there were 2 boxes and the first arrived yesterday and second just arrived few hours ago.

Some of the mails has been sent out this morning (from 1st box). Some has orders in both boxes and will be mail out tomorrow morning.

For those who've opted for meet up,

Here's my schedule:

30Mar Tues

Now -9.30pm Blk 303 amk ave 1

31Mar Wed

8.45am - 3.45pm Orchard ION
8pm - 9.30pm Blk 303 AMK Ave 1

01Apr Thu

2pm-3pm AMK Hub
3pm-6pm Blk 303 AMK Ave 1

02 Apr Fri (Must advise by 01Apr 5pm)

9.15-5.45pm Orchard ION
9pm-10.30pm Bukit Batok Central Blk 226

03 Apr Sat (Must advise by 01Apr 5pm)

9am - 5.30pm Orchard ION
9pm-10.30pm Bukit Batok Central Blk 226

04 Apr Sun (Must advise by 01Apr 5pm)

9.45am - 4.45pm Orchard ION

**Please do not give me last min notice as i don't have your items 24x7 with me. My timings are subject to changes.

Thanks =)

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