10 February 2010

OPI Hong Kong 2010 Collection

Hi ladies,

OPI has just launched a new collection called - OPI Hong Kong 2010 Collection

There are a total of 12 new colors.

  • OPI H41 Bling Dynasty - A char-'ming' gold that shimmers and Glimmers
  • OPI H42 Red My Fortune Cookie - And this rich red is in my future
  • OPI H43 Hot & Spicy - A sizzling coral that's a king pao wow!
  • OPI H44 Dim Sum Plum - A delectable berry Delicacy
  • OPI H45 Jade is the New Black - The vibrant green is the new fashion vibe
  • OPI H46 Suzi Says Feng Shui - A serene cobalt blue to balance your yin yang
  • OPI H47 A Good Man-darin is Hard to Find - But you've found it-in this zesty red-orange!
  • OPI H48 Lucky Lucky Lavender - Be pretty and prosperous in this luscious light purple
  • OPI H49 Meet Me on the Star Ferry - A Kowloon-lit, moonlit violet
  • OPI H50 Panda-monium Pink - Lend a panda a hand-a in this uproarious light pink
  • OPI H51 Pearl of Wisdom - Smart girls choose this lustrous pearl shade
  • OPI H52 Chop-sticking to My Story - I mean it-"pick up" this warm caramel shade
For the OPI Hong Kong 2010 swatch, pls visit scrangie's website.

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Available for order through Spree #34! Hurry~

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