10 February 2010

How to do half moon manicure?

Hi ladies,

i fall in love with this manicure picture at first sight!! This is actually from Essie Over The Moon collection. I guessed this half moon manicure trend has been out for quite sometime? Perhaps it's not so popular in Singapore? It looks kinda like an inverted french manicure. This is more challenging than the regular french. I'm thinking of doing this for Chinese New Year! But not sure what color combination should i try?

The Season’s hottest accessory is right at your fingertips. From retro-inspired to mixed metallic , we show you how to nail the best manicure looks.

Get The Look
Step 1
Apply one coat of Blanc over the entire nail and wait for the polish to dry completely
Step 2
Using tape , cut a semicircle and block off the bottom third of your nail.
Step 3
Paint two coats of Licorice from the tape stencil to the tip of
Once it dries , peel off the tape and finish with Good to Go ! top coat over the entire nail.

Found this tutorial video on Youtube. Hope it helps!

This design is also inspired by Dita Von Teese as shown on the picture below.

Happy half mooning!!

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  1. Hi,
    Great post! I LOVE the half moon mani look and can't wait to try it! Thanks for posting!
    Cone check out my blog...comment and follow!


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