28 December 2009

8ty8beauty Spree #31 - on the way to singapore!

Hi ladies!

8ty8beauty spree #31 is on its way to Singapore!

Whew~~ finally... haha.. hopefully we can receive them end of this week or early next week. I really pray hard that our orders will not be disrupted by the bad weather in US. Besides, this festive season it's a peak period at the post office. Just keep our fingers crossed that everything will be on schedule.

Anyway, as usual...there are a few out of stocks. i will drop email to those who were affected. if you don't hear from me, means good news :) **but dont forget to check your spam/bulk folder** heehe...

For those who've missed the spree, spree #32 is now OPEN for orders!

As i'm very busy, i've not drop emails to those on the mailing list. but will definitely do so before spree closes.

Thanks and Happy New Year!

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