28 November 2009

8ty8beauty Spree #30 updates

Hi ladies,

thank you very much for your patience.

It's really a pain to get in touch with 8ty8beauty. I've been trying to contact them yesterday (called many times and even left 2 voicemails) plus bombard their emails but no reply. Finally managed to speak to Tom just now. He mentioned that it's holiday over at their side (does USA celebrate hari raya haji too? =/ ) Anyway, don't know what holiday la..they do not ship on holidays. Earliest they can dispatch our orders will be either next tues/wed. Partly its also because of backlogs and festive period and they are flooded with orders.

I do hope that by the time i returned back, it will be just in time to receive the goods. I hope you can understand.

I will be traveling to korea tonight (Sat). As mentioned, i have limited or no access to internet. I will definitely respond to your email whenever possible.

For those out of stocks, i will advise those affected accordingly when i returned.

Time to sleep now! I still gotta work tomorrow... damn it!!

Thanks gals~~~

**PS: If you've missed the spree, pls join my mailing list to be notified on the next spree**

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