15 October 2009

[pictures] China Glaze Specialty - Preppy Pink and Cosmic

Hi ladies,

I've just changed my nail colors. Here's a quick review on China Glaze Specialty collection.

As you can see in the picture, i'm using China Glaze - Preppy Pink (CG80388) as the base and China Glaze - Cosmic (80399) as the tip. Both are all glitter colors. I love the pink, very sweet and i painted 2 coats of it. As for the black tip, you cant really see the glitters unless you look closely.

However, this doesn't really seems that lasting. I've colored my nails 2 days ago and now the tips are starting to chip a little. Maybe i colored too many layers already? lol..

To use these pretty glittering colors, there's also a high price to pay. No.. not as in the $$$ but it's when you have to REMOVE the colors. Why? It's sooooo hard to remove!! Maybe it's the big and rough glitters that's kinda stuck on your nails? You really need PATIENCE. Anyway, hope you like the picture =)

If you would like to pre-order the colors, please join my spree.
Grab these colors at SGD$9.00/bottle!

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