25 September 2009

Review - Essie Matte About You

Hi everyone!

After a long wait, i finally get to try - Essie Matte About You. Before reading on, you might wanna read about the product first from my previous post. Or you probably have read about this product on many websites which is highly raved.

I have decided to apply OPI DS Reserve (DS27) on my nails. Here's the picture

First i apply nailtek foundation II (ridge filling base coat). Followed by 2 coats of OPI DS Reserve. Lastly, one coat of Essie Matte About You. Viola~

You don't have to apply too much, just a thin layer to cover your nails with the matte finisher. It will mattify your nails in seconds. It's really that fast!

If you wish to order, pls feel free to join my spree and get Essie Matte About you at S$14 per bottle! You will not regret. hehe..


  1. Hi,

    I wana order an Essie matte topcoat and a china glaze matte magic. Thanks

  2. hi, do u still sell the Essie Matte About you topcoat?


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