10 September 2009

Diary Day 1 - Baby Foot Easy Pack (Foot peeling treatment)

Hi ladies,

I've been eyeing this product for quite sometime especially when it first hit Singapore (Guardian pharmacy) - Baby Foot kit. Well, during that time the packaging is in a form of cube box and priced around $59.90. Saw the brochure and this product is suppose to make your foot peel and renew your skin as smooth like a baby foot. sounds amazing? Find out more info from

I didn't buy coz of the price. When i went to Japan, i couldnt find it (it's from japan!!) argh... When i went to Taiwan few months back, i saw a similar product call - BeautyFoot. forgotten how much.. still brand new in my room at a corner and yet to try. haha! I found Baby Foot Easy pack from Hong Kong recently and the price seems very reasonable. around SGD$28... brought 1 box and FINALLY decided to try today.


I thought of blogging this highly raved product and see if it is really that good as it claims to be. Anyway, just by looking at the pictures and description, i'm already 90% convinced that it will work. We shall see.

Day 1:

Here's my foot before the treatment. haha.. as i wear heels quite often, so the middle part got the callus and the end of my feet is very dry and got dead skin.


Here's the socks with the solution inside. just have to wear them and leave it on for 2 hours.

Well, the booklet says my foot my start to peel in 5-7 days time and peel completely in 2-3 weeks. I will update again. please feel free to comment if you've tried. Stay tuned!

Day 5 *Updated 14 Sep 09*

Ok, just to rewind abit... the 2nd and 3day didn't really notice any difference. Yesterday (Day4) i did not check any peelings. Just now, all of a sudden i remember and take a look at my foot. WAH! it's peeling!! woohoo.. it looks a little scary though.. and now my foot is rough. i'm sure there's more to come since it's suppose to peel off everything?

Here's the pictures i just took. **WARNING - Horror Foot ahead! **

More to come! stay tuned =)


  1. helloo! i saw these at a store the other day and was very intrigued but did not purchase. thanks for posting up your review! i can't wait to read about your progress!

  2. hihi~ sorry for the late reply. havent been really updating coz i tot maybe no one reading also...haha.. anyway.. till date my leg still have some peeling here and there but very little already. i guessed my feet almost finish peeling. but it definitely looks better than before. Smoother and "younger"! heh

  3. we want to know how it went. are u happy with the result?

  4. hi, pls refer to the post above for the update.

    overall, i'm satisfied with the result =)

  5. please send me the details where it will available in market (hyderabad , Andhra Pradesh) and what is the price cost.

  6. what a waste of money buying Baby Foot. its now 7 days and my feet are as dry as before i did the plastic socks and washing. no peeling at all. just still my dry cracked feet so im going back to my alternative ive used for years. dont believe thier TV advertising as its not what they say. just all hopefull advertising hype to get your money. youll notice on the packaging there is no reference as to a money back gaurantee. dont waste your money

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