30 September 2009

8ty8beauty spree #27 - updates

Hi everyone!

Thanks for your patience.

8ty8beauty had just sent out our orders today
and it's on the way to Singapore!

yay~ Sometimes it's really a pain communicating with them. As usual, they have lots of orders that's why it takes so long for them to process our orders (even though it's already considered slighty faster than others? ya, i've read elsewhere that they don't even reply!) Of course, i've to keep bugging them to expedite. Yeah, that's why i will tell u that it takes approximately 2 weeks to arrive from the date spree closes. Checking through the quotation and order list plus amendments...etc are time consuming.

OK, enough of my rants. haha! There are a few out of stocks. I will email to those who are affected. If you didn't hear from me mean good news =)

I will update again once the item arrives.

Oh yes, if you've missed the spree, spree #28 is opening veryyyyy SOON!

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