10 August 2009

8ty8beauty spree #24 - Arrived

Hi ladies,

pleased to inform you that our orders for spree #24 has arrived!

However, there is a slight screw up with the orders. Apparently some of the colors are out of stock which was not stated in my invoice (they billed me for something which they did not send!) sigh~ Sorry ladies, those affected will be informed shortly =(

Anyway for those who opt for meet up, here's the schedule:

Tues 11 Aug (Pls SMS me by 7.30am if u wish to meet up @ Orchard ION/Heeren on tues so i can bring the stuffs out)

ION Orchard: 9am-6.15pm
Heeren: 6.30pm-7pm
AMK Blk 303 - 10pm

Wed 12 Aug:

ION Orchard: 9.30am-6pm
AMK Blk 303 - 10pm

Thu 13 Aug:

AMK Hub: 1pm-3pm
AMK Blk 303 - 4pm-5pm
Bukit Batok - 8pm-8.30pm

Fri 14 Aug:

Bukit Batok - 12pm - 2pm

Sat 15 Aug:

ION Orchard 9am - 4pm
Bukit Batok 8-10pm

Sun 16 Aug:

ION Orchard 10am - 5pm
AMK Blk 303 - 8pm-10pm

*I will also drop you an email shortly with regards to above schedule.

Pls do give me advance notice if you are meeting me. so i can prepare and bring them out. My timings are also subject to changes.

For those who've opted for postage, it will be posted out tomorrow =)


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