17 July 2009

Blog Event #2 and #4 - Winners!

Hi Ladies!

Looks like not many people are aware of the blog event going on... Haha! Just in case you dont know what's happening in WowPrettyNails you can click here to find out more about the event.

Basically for Blog Event #2 is to share your spree experience with WowPrettyNails.
Number of participants: 2 (Ming Hui and Geraldine)

Here's the original entries submitted:

Subject: Blog Event #2
Name: Qiu Minghui
Spree Participated: #22
This is the third time I buy from her and the reason being she’s very friendly and a very good spree organiser as she will regularly update her blog on the status of the nail polish. Therefore, she’s very reliable. Not only that, she also organise events to reward her spree-ers and to keep them and honestly speaking, not a lot of spree organisers are considerate enough to really want to keep all their spree-ers and she is by far, the only one I know. That’s why I recommend my colleagues to buy from her blog too. She’s really one of the best spree organisers I met…
This spree that I took part in, most of the orders are from my colleagues. I emailed my order to her quite late and up till the moment when the spree was closed, I have yet to transfer my money to her because I totally forgot about it. But she was really very good because even though the spree closed already, she waited for me to transfer my money over… I was so touched by her actions. She was really sincere in her this online business and she really put in a lot of effort in it. She treated everyone (spree-ers and potential spree-ers) with sincerity too. It’s actually quite obvious from the way she answered enquiries on her blog.
I guess I had written a lot already… Too naggy… Haha….
Thanks Estella!! For being such a GREAT spree organiser!!!


Your Name: Geraldine
Spree participated: #23
Comments:Prompt replies!

Congratulations to MingHui!

She's the winner for Blog Event #2! Thank you very much for your kind feedback =) **oh, i'm not related to ming hui at all. just in case u all think why she won blog event #1 and #2..hee.. ** Thank you Ming hui and Geraldine for participating!

Ok, next is Blog event #3. Unfortunately no one participated therefore we do not have any winners. The prize will be rolled over to the next blog event.

As for Blog event #4, it's tied with spree #23. The top spree-er will be receiving the prize and the winner is......

Congratulations to Gwen Tang with 19 orders!

Currently Blog event #5 is going on in spree #24! The top spree-er will also receive a goodie bag!
Thank you for your support ladies!

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