15 July 2009

8ty8beauty spree #23 - updates

Hi ladies,

Thank you for your patience.

Finally our orders are on the way! There are some out of stocks. I will drop you an email if you are affected. So if you dont hear from me means good news =)

*** Special Attention ***

In view of the previous spree, 2 of the mails went missing via normal postage. This is the first time that 2 mails went missing. I have make many efforts to locate but till date it's still not found and did not receive any return mail. I strongly encourage spree-ers to opt for registered post for a peace of mind or opt for meet up (min of 5 orders still apply). I sincerely apologise to the affected spree-ers for all the inconvenience caused as it's really not within my control due to unforseen circumstances.
Thank you for your kind understanding =)

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