09 June 2009

Blog Event - FREE goodie bags to give away!

Hi ladies,

I've been wanting to organise such activities to reward you for your support. hehe..How to get the goodie bag? Read on!

Blog Event #1 (CLOSED)
Be the TOP spree-er who order the most number of items for 8ty8beauty spree #22. Simple as that! (no restrictions on what you order, i will just count the quantity)

WINNER: Ming Hui with 10 items ordered

What's inside the goodie bag? **All items are brand new!**
  1. A bottle of nail art glitters (Green)
  2. Babypink Eyes Jelly (from Japan)
  3. The Body Shop Vitamin E moisture cream
  4. Pretty Face Towel (From Japan)
  5. Her World Silver Bag
How to join spree #22? Visit the link for details:

Blog Event #2 (CLOSED)

Not planning to get anything? Don't worry, this might be just for you.

Share with us your spree experience with WowPrettyNails.
(Only applicable for those who've participated before)

Send your entry in the following format to by 15 July 2009 8pm
Subject: Blog event #2
Your Name:

Spree participated: (which spree? if u can recall)

WINNER: Ming Hui

The lucky winner will be announced and contacted.

*By participating this blog event, you agree that your comment may be posted on WowPrettyNails.

What's inside the goodie bag? **All items are brand new!**
  1. Pink Bag
  2. OPI toe seperator
  3. OPI Nail polish - D21 Sit under the apple tree
  4. A bottle of light green nail art glitters
  5. Crystal Penguin HP sticker

Blog Event #3 (CLOSED - No participants)

To participate, you are required to write a blog entry fulfilling the following:

1. Choose any of the following topic:
  • Reviews on WowPrettyNails
  • My spree experience with WowPrettyNails
  • Nail art/manicure/pedicure tips / How to do
  • My favourite nail polish. Why?
2. Take a photo related to the topic chosen from above and write a blog entry.

3. Sign off with the following tagline " WowPrettyNails is one of the most popular spree site for nail polish, reviews and nail art site in Singapore. Visit now!"

4. Submit your permalink to with the subject Blog Event #3 with your name and contact details by 15 July 2009.

What's inside the goodie bag? **All items are brand new!**
  1. A pair of Ear Candle
  2. L'Occintane Foot cream
  3. A bottle of turquoise nail art glitters
  4. Clarins Hydra matte lotion (sample)
  5. Nail art - Pink stars
  6. Crystal mobile phone sticker
  7. Her World Silver bag
**Winners will be notified via email**

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