07 May 2009

8ty8beauty spree #20 updates - On the way!

Hi ladies!

8ty8beauty will be mailing out the items today. So it will arrive next week.

As mentioned in my earlier post, i will be away from 9-17May. The earliest i can mail out the items will be 18May. Appreciate your understanding and patience. Well, since i'm going to taipei, i shall see if there's any nice things that you all might be interested for a mini spree. haha.. i dont know what items though... I'm going to hunt for Nu ren wo zui da items! Anyway, i'm really busy packing my stuffs and planning my itinerary.

For those out of stock items, i will process the refund after i've return from my trip. sorry! but only 1 or 2 people affected..thanks for your understanding =)

If you would like to be notified for my next spree, pls join my mailing list!

Thank you ~~~

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