26 April 2009

8ty8beauty spree #19 - updates

Hi ladies,

i've just finished packing the items! I will post out the items tomorrow (monday) for those who've opted for postage.

For those who've opted for meet up, here's the schedule:

Tues 28Apr to Thurs 30Apr - 9am-5.30pm United Square
- 6.15pm AMK Hub/MRT
- 7pm to 10pm strictly Blk 303 AMK ave 1 void deck

Fri 01May - Sun 03 May - Bukit Batok Timing to be advised. You can let me know your preferred timing. i will try to arrange. Sunday evening will be at AMK.

**Please note that recently there is news saying that "Pay for goods over MRT fare gate and get fined $2,000". I wouldn't want to take the risk of getting caught over this. So for those who are meeting me at MRT stations, please come out of the station and collect. Thank you for your understanding =)

For those who've missed this spree, pleased to inform you that the next spree #20 is now OPEN! I'm tired to sleep liao.. night!

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