13 April 2009

8ty8beauty spree #18 - Arrived!

Hi ladies,

pleased to inform you that our orders for spree #18 has arrived today!

as i've just reached home not long ago, i have only managed to sort 50% of the items. Please bear with me for awhile. The remaining 50% will be sorted out tomorrow after i'm back from work.

There are some out of stock items as mentioned in my earlier post (pamela & Casey) pls reply to my email?

Meanwhile for those who've opted for meet up, i will post my schedule over here first (please revert to me by email if you read this msg, those who missed this msg, i will email u tomorrow individually )

Wed: 10am-5.30pm United square
6.15pm - AMK

Thu: 10am-5.30pm United square
6.15pm - AMK

Fri: 10am-5.30pm United square
6.15pm - AMK

Sat & Sun : Bukit Batok (timing TBA)

*** Feedback on 8ty8beauty for spree #18***

As the orders this time round is quite big, there are some mistakes on 8ty8beauty side. There are 3 missing bottles for this order. I've double checked against the invoice and its stated on it. I will email Tom regarding this and most probably he will ship them together with my next order. i do apologise for the delay but it's not within my control for these unforseen circumstances.

i'm going to sleep now..thanks for all of your support!

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