23 March 2009

8ty8beauty Spree #17 - Arrived!!


Spree #17 - Our orders have arrived today~

i've just finish packing, sorting and wrapping the items. took me almost 4 hours coz i have to bubble wrap them one by one for those who are opting for postage. hehe.. have to make sure they are all well protected before i send them =)

All packages will be dispatch out tomorrow (24Mar - Tues). Do keep a lookout in your mailboxes for the next few days!

For those who've opted for meet up, here's my schedule: ( i will email you shortly )

24Mar Tues - AMK Hub 2pm-6.30pm

25Mar Wed - United Square 10am-5pm
- Novena Mrt 5.45pm
- AMK Mrt 6pm
26Mar Thu - Paragon 9.00am - 6pm
- AMK Mrt 6.45pm

27Mar Fri - Paragon 9.30am - 6pm
- Bukit Batok Mrt 7.20pm
- Bukit batok central ( you'll have to come to blk 226) 8pm - 10pm

28Mar Sat - Paragon 9am - 4.45pm
- Bukit Batok 8pm-10pm

29 Mar Sun - Paragon 9.45am - 5pm
- Amk Hub 5.45pm - 6.30pm

**Please note that recently there is news saying that "Pay for goods over MRT fare gate and get fined $2,000". I wouldn't want to take the risk of getting caught over this. So for those who are meeting me at MRT stations, please come out of the station and collect. Thank you for your understanding =)

For those who've missed this spree, pleased to inform you that the next spree #18 is coming up tomorrow! I'm tired to sleep soon... so will post up the details tomorrow k? cheers!

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