10 March 2009

8ty8beauty Spree #16 - Arrived + 8ty8beauty review

hi ladies!

pleased to inform you that our items have arrived yesterday. sorry that i do not have time to update as i was very busy sorting out and wrapping your items so that i can dispatch asap. ya, it took me almost 4hours and by the time i'm done i'm dread tired and its very late. But for those who've opted for post, your items have been dispatched today! For those opting for meet up, i'll be emailing you shortly. Just in case you are reading this, here's my schedule for meet up.

Wed 11mar - 1.45pm Novena united square
- 2.10pm to 5pm AMK Hub

Thu 12 mar - 5.45pm - Novena united square
- 6.10pm AMK Hub

Fri 13 mar - 1pm to 5pm AMK Hub
- will be heading to suntec for dinner estimate around 7.15pm to 8.30pm (TBA)

Sat 14mar - 12pm to 2pm bukit batok
- 7pm onwards bukit batok

Sun 15 mar - 10am to 5pm Orchard Paragon

pls kindly email on your preferred slots.

8ty8beauty review

My past few orders have been going smoothly. However this time round, my orders were only picked up and processed after almost 1 week from the day i've emailed him. I've sent a couple of email chasers to expedite but appearantly my emails were read but chuck aside without being processed. how i know? I've request for read receipt. So i didnt hear from him and eventually have to make international call to USA to him so that he will pick up my order and process. Well, he apologised and said that they had lots and lots of emails everyday and everyone also ask to expedite and he has only got 1 assistant. ya, you must be think what i'm thinking. why dont you just hire more people? esp now times are bad and people need job? Well, he said that its very difficult to hire people as their expectations are high and wants alot of benefits and they are not really a big company to offer so much. hmmm.. i can understand... haha.. if not they will increase the price so the profit is higher! but that also mean we have to move the business elsewhere.

anyway, this time round, one of the item was missing (sorry xinli) They forgot to include 1 of the item and i've double checked the invoice that i was being charged for that item. they'll have to send to me on my next shipment. Well, i felt abit hurt when my efforts were not recognised or appreciated =(

I'm sure i've got quite a number of supporters out there who spree with me regularly. thanks for your support! =)

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