16 February 2009

Spree #15 updates - Arrived!!!!

Hi ladies~~

Good news! Our spree #15 orders have just arrived today! Haha.. surprise? Much faster than we expected! woohoo!

I am busy sorting out the orders since 8pm and still wrapping and packing your items. I'm trying my best to dispatch out your items asap. As its quite late now and gotta work tomorrow, i'll have to split the mails. I've finish packing about 60% of them and will continue tomorrow after work. Sorry ladies please bear with me! i need a rest already coz it took me 3hrs+ already.

As for those who've opted for meet up, Here's the meet up schedule:

Wed 18Feb:
Orchard paragon 9am-5pm
Ang mo kio hub - 5.30pm

Thu 19Feb:
Ang mo kio hub 1.30pm-6pm

Fri 20Feb:
Ang mo kio hub 1.30pm-6pm

Sat 21Feb:
Orchard paragon 9am-6pm
bukit batok 8pm-9.30pm

Sun 22Feb:
Orchard paragon 9.30am-5pm
Ang mo kio Hub 6pm

Will send you email shortly. Please email me which slot you are available for collection.


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