11 February 2009

OPI South Beach Collection - Pictures!

Hi all,

OPI has just released their new collection - South Beach. We have just missed the boat!! Never mind ladies, we shall try them in the next spree!

OPI B71 - Done Out in Deco (C)
A "deco"-dent shade of arty lilac.
OPI B72 - Suzi & the Lifeguard (S)
A not-so-innocent light pink.
OPI B73 - Overexposed in South Beach (C)
A vivid purple that can't get enough attention.
OPI B74 - Party in My Cabana (C)
Wear your cutest bikini and this rich, "cab"-tivating pink!
OPI B75 - Paint My Moji-toes Red (C)
A warm rosy red for cocktails on the beach.
OPI B76 - OPI on Collins Ave. (C)
A sizzling red-orange that knows where the action is.
OPI B77 - Feelin' Hot-Hot-Hot! (C)
A flamingo pink blazing with style.
OPI B78 - Miami Beet (C)
This racy red-violet could be your vice.
OPI B79 - Sand in My Suit (S)
Can you "bare" this nude shade?
OPI B80 - Bronzed to Perfection (S)
A toasty brown that's perfectly sexy.
OPI B81 - Conga-Line Coral (S)
A hip-shaking, fiery, orange-rose.
OPI B82 - Clubbing til Sunrise (S)
A golden tangerine that goes from dusk to dawn.
C=Creme S=Shimmer SH=Sheer

Which color do you intend to try? Come join my OPI spree and get them at only $11 per bottle!

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