19 February 2009

8ty8beauty Price List

8ty8beauty Spree price list - Updated as of 19May09

*Price are subject to changes due to the fluctuation of currency.

OPI Nail colors - SGS$11/bottle NETT
priced at USD$4.48 on website

OPI Designer Series - SGD$16/bottle NETT
priced at USD$6.75 on website

China Glaze Nail Polish - SGD$8.50/bottle NETT
priced at USD$2.68 on website

China Glaze Nail Polish - SGD$9.00/bottle NETT
priced at USD$3.38 on website

ORLY nail polish - SGD$9.50/bottle NETT
priced at USD$3.18 on website

Color Club nail polish – SGD$7.80/bottle NETT
priced at USD$2.50 on website

Essie nail polish – SGD$11.00/bottle NETT

Creative Nail polish – SGD$8.50/bottle NETT
priced at USD$2.99 on website

Seche Nail polish – SGD$8.50/bottle NETT
priced at USD$2.90 on website

OPI Nail treatments – SGD$11/bottle NETT

  • Top coat High-gloss protection
  • Natural base coat
  • Natural Nail strengthener
  • Ridge Filler
  • Arcylic base coat

OPI Start-to-Finish, Original/Formaldehyde Free Formula - $15/bottle NETT

OPI Nail Envy Series SGD$18/bottle NETT
  • Original Nail Envy
  • Matte Nail Envy
  • Dry & Brittle Nail Envy
  • Sensitive & Peeling Nail Envy
  • Soft & Thin Nail Envy

OPI Drip Dry 0.3oz - SGD$14.00/bottle NETT

OPI Drip Dry 1.0oz - SGD$30.00/bottle NETT

OPI Avoplex Nail & Cuticle Replenishing Oil - SGD$16.50

Seche Vite Dry fast top coat 0.5oz - SGD$11.00

**price includes shipping fee from US to Singapore EXCLUDE local postage fee**

If you would like to order other items from the website but not listed above, pls feel free to contact me to arrange.


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