19 January 2009

Top 20 Most Popular OPI Nail Polish ordered as of 19JAN09!

Are you stuck and undecisive when choosing the colors? Most sure whether the color u choose nice or not? Here's the Top 20 Most popular OPI nail polish list again! This list is compiled from what the spree-ers have ordered from my past spree #1 to #14 with a total of 1209 bottles!

Hope this guide will help you decide better which colors to buy =)

Please do take a look at the past list as well =)

Most Popular OPI color Top 20 (as of 28OCT08)

Most Popular OPI color Top 20 (as of 04AUG08)

Most Popular OPI color Top 10 (as of 20APR08)

Interested in ordering? You are welcome to join my spree! Please email me at

Thanks for reading!

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