07 January 2009

Head2ToeBeauty Spree #13 updates - It's on the way!

Hi all,

our orders from Head2toebeauty is on the way!

The following spree-er's has got part of the order out of stock from H2T and it will be re-ordered in 8ty8beauty.

op-nls63 chicago champagne toast

op-nlr62 st peter burgandy
op-nls63 chicago champagne toast

jia hui
op-nlw42 lincoln park after dark
op-nlw50 windy city pretty
op-nld20 peach a boo

Please do not worry as your order will not be delay for too long coz i'm closing the 8ty8beauty spree soon =)

Will update again once the item arrives! hee... if you want to top up any order form 8ty8beauty pls drop me an email ;)

thanks babes!

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