04 January 2009

Head2ToeBeauty Spree #13 closing 05jan 6.30pm!! Pls read!

Hi all!

final call for those who wants to get their nail polish quickly! I've reached 50 paid orders (although there are some who still have not transfer the money yet.)

Pls kindly transfer the payment by tomorrow Monday 05Jan 6.30PM!

Not to worry if you missed the deadline as i've got a good news for you!

I will be having another spree from 8ty8beauty. i've decided to create a spree for 8ty8beauty as there are many OPI colors out of stock in head2toebeauty. For those who wants to order the colors that are out of stock in head2toebeauty, you may check the availability in 8ty8beauty. It's like a concurrent spree. Just that i will process order at head2toebeauty first.

For those spree-ers who've ordered from H2T and would like to add on orders from 8ty8beauty, you may do so. I can arrange for the items to be sent together.

Prices will remain the same for orders at 8ty8beauty. Please note that 8ty8 may not carry some brands that h2t have (eg: Essie) if you are not sure of the pricing, pls email me at


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