05 January 2009

Head2toebeauty Spree #13 CLOSED + note

Head2toebeauty Spree #13 is now CLOSED
8ty8beauty Spree #14 is now OPEN!

***You will also be able to receive them before Chinese New Year!***

For those who've pre-ordered for seche vite top coat, it will be order from 8ty8beauty as H2T is still out of stock despite informing me that stocks will arrive this week. Hence i've decided to create a spree from 8ty8beauty.

Here's the email from h2t:

Dear Estella,

We just received a shipment from the manufacturer. However, the Seche Vite was not included in the shipment. Seche Vite is currently backordered and we do not have a date when it will be available again. The OPI products are harder to get nowadays so we may stop carrying the line if we continue to have problems replenishing the stock.

Sigh.. not sure what is happening between h2t and their OPI supplier. No wonder many of the colors are forever out of stock and not replenished. I got the feeling they may be clearing all the OPI they have on hand. Looks like i've to order from 8ty8beauty again.

Please do not worry, the items will also arrive before CNY. This is going to be a very quick spree as i have many enquiries and orders coming in.

**I've just placed the order with H2T and there are some out of stocks/unable to add. Have drop them a remark to add manually if available. If its confirm out of stock, your order will be re-ordered at 8ty8beauty.

Thanks gals!

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