12 January 2009

Head2toebeauty Spree #13 - Arrived!

Hi ladies,

our orders have arrived today at around 5pm for spree #13!

i've posted out the items at 6pm+ today.However it has past the cut off time for the postman to collect today and they will only pick up the mails tomorrow.

The following spree-ers will be expecting your items by postage:
  1. Joey
  2. Mag nugget
  3. beverly
  4. shiling
  5. serene
  6. celest

*the following spree-ers have items from spree #13 & #14 will have to wait for the batch #14 to arrive first:

  1. Vanessa
  2. Jia Hui
  3. Shamala

if your name is not listed above, your orders is in spree #14 except for Lynda (will email you shortly). Please dont mix up.

Hope you like your new colors!


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