12 January 2009

Bath & Body Works Spree #1 - OPEN! Fast Spree!

Bath & Body Works Spree #1 - OPEN

i will be having a spree quick for Bath & Body Works items as they are having their BIG Semi Annual Sale now! For those who are interested to join, pls email me your orders. Pls read the details carefully.
** For the $3 Anti Bacterial promotion, they only limit to 10 quantity only. I am taking 5 slots. So there are 5 slots open for the spree on first come first serve basis (based on payment received reflected on my IB)

Spree Details:
  • 5% comGateway Concierge charge
  • Initial shipping charge of SGD$3/item
  • Handling fee $1/spree-er (updated)
  • Exchange Rate: 1USD = 1.55SGD (subject to changes)

Internet Banking account
POSB SAVINGS 157-03577-0
UOB Savings 128-192-133-4

Internet banking or ATM transfers only. (no inter-bank transfer) Must be from the same bank.

Transfer via: ATM /IB(nick)
Bank account details: In case of refund

Mode of collection:

  • Normal postage / Registered postage / Meetup
  • Location at Ang mo kio/Orchard/bukit batok (wkend for BB)
  • Local postage fees will be advise depending on the items

Order Format:

Name :

Preferred type of collection

Contact number:


Name of item:Item #: IMPORTANT(Item # can be checked by adding your items to the shopping bag and checking the shopping bag)
Qty :
Promotion: (If any)
Price in USD:

(Duplicate for Item#2 etc)

Total Price in USD =
1st payment = [Total in USD * 1.55 * 1.05] + [$3 * qty] + $1
2nd payment = Top up/refund

Prohibited Items
Prohibited items from USA also include flammable or incendiary goods comprising :
- perfumes / colognes / eau de toilette / fragrance spray (which means no BODY SPLASH)
- nail polish / nail polish remover
- spray / aerosol cans / compressed gas cylinders
- fuels / gasoline / gas torches
- lighters with fuel / lighter fluid
- turpentine / paint thinner
- lithium batteries / loose batteries
- lithium batteries contained or pack with equipment
- speakers
- alcohol products / beverages
- flammable / toxic contents products
- cellphones
- any items that require temperature control

2) Check to ensure that you do not have out of stock items in your list

3) Orders are strictly based on first transfer first serve basis. Also if there are any leakage due to international shipping, the unaffected items will be reserved for those who transfer first.

4) Orders are not confirmed until transfer has been made acknowledged by me.

5) I’ll keep all of you informed of the spree status through this page

6) I reserve the right to close or extend or cancel any spree at any point of time depending on the response.

7) No Cancellation of orders and No Refund unless out of stock or when shipment fails

8) I will not be responsible for wrong item//defects/delayed/damaged/lost mails or any other mistakes caused by the supplier.

Please email me your orders to

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