12 January 2009

8ty8beauty OPI spree #14 - Ordered

i've called Tom yesterday night and confirmed our orders. As they do not ship on weekends, our orders will only be dispatch today. Items will take approximately 1 week to arrive. However, Tom is unable to advise me which are the items out of stock coz i emailed him the list of items which i cant add into the shopping cart. He has added some of them manually for me. He told me if i want to expedite the orders, he will only put the total figure of OPI ordered instead of individual colors ordered in the invoice and i have to check myself when the items arrived. From the invoice, i only know that 7 bottles of OPI are out of stock. Will update you again when the items arrive and process refund.

Thanks for your patience and support ladies!
*do check out my Bath & Body works spree #1 coz they are having the BIG Semi Annual Sale!

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