05 December 2008

Spree #12 OPEN - Hurry !! please read my notes!!

hi ladies,

i've been quite busy lately due to the bangkok crisis. Sorry if my blog is not as updated as you expected. However, all emails and enquiries are not forgotten and replied within 24hrs. (don't worry, i can use my phone to email you )

Spree #12 status: 14/50 slots taken up!

Keep the orders coming in! Don't missed this opportunity to grab your favourite colors for this festive season.
Anyway, i apologize to those who have not collected your nail polish for spree #11. i'm trying very hard to accomodate and arrange the timings and location but due to my staggered timings, it's abit hard to meet. Thank you for your understanding =)

i've a note for all spree-ers who are opting for meet up.

please be considerate and have the basic courtesy to inform me if you will be late. I have nothing against people who are late due to unforseen circumstances or traffic jams...etc but PLEASE inform me and let me know.
i was very pissed off today when i'm suppose to meet a spree-er to pass the item. She requested to meet at the MRT station. I can totally understand if you dont wish to come out of the station to incur the additional cost. Since the station is just 5 mins away from my office, i agreed. Anyway, how long can it take? Just pass and go only.

As the meet up timing falls during my working hours, i've to sneak out quickly and come back quickly. I was there exactly on the dot and called her. But she did not answer. Later i sms her informing that i've reach, she replied that she's still at Tanah Merah station and reaching. I replied her if she's already on the train or still waiting but no reply. Never mind... as you know, the frequency of the train from tanah merah to changi is very slow. I was thinking, hopefully she's on the next train but she's not! i waited 20mins and she's still not here!! omg... i had to run back to my office already and cant wait anymore as my boss is already looking for me. By the time she arrived, its already 6.30pm. She had to come and look for me by going to my office. no choice.

If she had inform me earlier that she will be late, i wouldnt have go down so early and waited for nothing. sigh.. Being a spree organiser is not easy... and don't take advantage of me just because i organise spree and being nice. i have made alot of exceptions for people, being fast and efficient. This is my interest and i do not owe you a living for doing these. Please put yourself in my shoes and sometimes you will ponder if it's worth the effort doing all these? Please appreciate my efforts and sacrifices. i treat this as a responsibility and will try to provide the best for everyone.

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